Chinnor Allotment & Garden Association



The allotments are open as usual - just stay 2 meters from other people.
The Shop only takes online orders
Access to the equipment is not currently possible.


Seed potatoes now available

The seed potatoes have now arrived and can be pre-ordered by placing an online order with Pete Greenway; see Shop Update for details.

Sold in quantities of 2 kgs., and with limited stocks available, varieties will be sold on a strictly first come basis, so please do not hesitate to order if you would like to take advantage:

A sizeable delivery of shop items has just arrived, so again, if you need compost, fertilizer (including potato fertilizer) or seed, the Shop is now well stocked

About Chinnor Allotment and Garden Association


Thinking about getting your own allotment? We have both "half" and "full size" allotments for only £15/£30 per year respectively. 

For more information and to join the waiting list, please have a look at our joining page.


Questions? Join our Facebook group and ask your future allotment neighbours what it's really like.


We have pretty good and slightly alkaline soil in the allotments, allowing for a wide variety of fruit and vegetables to be successfully grown in the allotments all year round. 

If in doubt, your allotment neighbours will always be happy to share their experience with you.

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While the solitude and quiet you experience when gardening is part of the joy of having an allotment, it wouldn't be the same without the community aspects. 

In addition to the friendships being formed between allotment neighbours, we have also have organised events including a weekly lottery, a bbq and organised trips amongst other things.

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