Committee Meeting

Wednesday, June 19, 2019


Minutes of CAGA Meeting on 19th June 2019

Present : Ged Wells, David Shaw, Pete Bowler, Stephen Colley, Mike Ibbet, Diane Troye, Stuart Harding

 Apologies: Frans Lytzen



Minutes of the last meeting were approved. 



Accounts:  In the bank £10,395.31

Further shop invoice pending.  Money forthcoming from Camelot following photo shoot on the allotment.



New delivery of compost and seeds has been received.

The meat raffle every Sunday generates some surplus money so an extra draw will be run on the first Sunday of each month.  Frans to advertise this on CAGA website




Shop Rota

Sunday 23rd June  –  Ged

Sunday 30th June -  Stephen

Sunday 7nd July   -  Pete

Sunday 14th July  –  Mike

Shop duty rota to be placed on the notice board.






Boundary Fence

Work by contractors is to commence on Monday 24th June


Distribution Centre and its’ future

An additional professional asbestos survey is to be obtained.

A more in depth report will be given once this has been done.


Mike & Stephen


Frans confirms that the all plots are now fully occupied.

It would appear 2 plots are not being cultivated despite having paid their rent. Frans has contacted the people concerned and has entered into a process with them.  Frans is monitoring the situation.

There are 10 people on the waiting list currently.



Volunteer Working Party

One will be organised in the near future (August) to cut back the hedges lining the access drive once the bird nesting season has passed.


Scarecrow Competition June 2019

The competition was very successful and positive feedback was received with new ideas forthcoming to run it again next year.

Winners will be put on CAGA website and in the “ Chinnor Pump”


Frans & Diane

Annual Plot Judging

All is now set in motion and judging to take place week commencing 22nd July.


Annual BBQ

The date of this is now Saturday 10th  August.

Ali is willing to organise the event for which our thanks go out to him. Ged will liaise with Ali in respect of what is to be organised.

 Mike will put together an invitation letter to all plot holders to respond to.

The price of the BBQ is £10 per person. An increase has been applied this year as this has been a loss making event for the past few years which the allotment can no longer afford to subsidise. The cost of food & drink has gone up a lot and therefore the ticket price has had to be increased.


Ali & Ged



Farmyard Manure

Some plot holders have asked whether it is possible to arrange for some farmyard manure to be delivered to the allotments for plot holders to purchase by the barrow load. 

Diane will look into the cost of this and obtain quotes.







 Other Items :  

On going: Proposal made to consider putting a tow hitch on the tractor to enable the trailer (currently housed in the hut) to be better utilised for transporting heavy items around the site eg. Hedge trimmings and branches.

It is agreed to review the use of these items in 6 months time to assess whether they should be sold as there is little point in retaining equipment that is no longer used. 

Chinnor Flower & Vegetable Show:  It is agreed to look at setting up a tent at the show in order to better advertise the Allotments. Ged is to obtain an application form and submit.  It is hoped to organise a tombola at the event and show case items sold at the D.C.

 Next meeting will be on Wednesday 17th July 2019 at 7pm in the D.C




Review in Aug 2019