Committee Meeting

Wednesday, November 21, 2018


Minutes of CAGA Meeting on 21st November  2018

Present : Ged Wells, David Shaw, Stuart Harding, Stephen Colley, Mike Ibbet, Diane Troye, Frans Lytzen

 Apologies: Pete Bowler



Minutes of the last meeting were approved. 



Accounts:  In the bank £11,591.  Rent of £2316 has been paid leaving some small bills yet to come eg. Potato orders

£807 had been paid out for new shop stock eg. Canes and ground cover. Thanks to Titch for facilitating the delivery of the canes etc.



Price list has been reviewed and new list is posted in the shop


Shop Rota

Sunday 25th November – Diane & David

Sunday 2nd December  - Stephen

Sunday 9th December  - Frans

Sunday 16th December  –  Ged

Shop duty rota to be placed on the notice board.






AGM Review


Discussion on rent issue raised by R. Davis:

Historically in the 1890’s the allotment was assigned to Chinnor Parish Council to be held in trust by them and to be used by the labouring poor of Chinnor. Therefore the monies paid to CPC are not technically a rent but a maintenance charge. CPC do not own the site.

Agreed that Mike and Ged would take the matter up further with CPC to seek greater clarification.

UPDATE: Ged has spoken to CPC who confirmed the Council is the holder of the rent and do not own the land





Boundary Fence

CPC have raised the matter of making repairs / replacing boundary fence. Ged is to discuss matter further with them and set up a meeting accordingly.

Repairs will not be easy as some plot holders have utilized the ground right up to the boundary fence and therefore will have to be told to move all their items 1 to 2 meters away from the boundary line.  (this is stated in the allotment rules)



The taps are to be repaired as soon as possible. Ged and Stephen to assess degree of work needed

UPDATE: Matter still outstanding due to bad weather. Will be done ASAP


Ged & Stephen

Allotment Equipment Use

Ged has spoken to John Cave regarding the legal wording for use of the allotment equipment and will follow this up with the aim of getting something in writing

UPDATE:  John Cave has now provided Ged with the wording and this will now be printed and put in the DC for all plot holders to read. Thanks go to John Cave for providing this.




Use of Church tables

The Church once again permitted the use of their chairs at the Annual BBQ for which our thanks are given. Ged to arrange for a donation to be made to the Church.

Matter to be actioned ASAP by Ged




Notice Board

A new notice board is to be erected at the Scout Hut End Car Park. David to fit new posts and fix a weatherproof notice board.

UPDATE: This has now be done and thanks go to David for sorting this out


Working Parties

A date is to be fixed for a working party to be organised on a Sunday instead of a Saturday following comments raised at the AGM. This will be notified to all Plot Holders and the response / turn out will be assessed.

Mike has proposed a rolling 3 month calendar for such events to take place if they prove successful

UPDATE: No fixed date yet. Matter to be reviewed at next meeting /New Year




Ged to contact the contractor with a view to getting the alarm up and working again. Two sensors need possible replacement and securing in place.

Matter on going




Plot 13

Stuart has been in touch with “Spruce Up” based in Thame to find out if they can turn the plot around and get it back to a lettable standard.

Go ahead given for Stuart to get a quote for plots 13 and 16 and to let the committee know.  If work is carried out to the plots it is important that new plot holders take on the plots immediately so they do not fall into a state of neglect once more.

UPDATE: Stuart has yet to obtain the quotes and will look to find additional quotes from alternative contractors. Invite also given to nephew of Tich to also provide a quote.






Distribution Centre and its’ future

At the AGM it came to light that CPC have funding available amounting to over £21,000 for use on Allotments which came about following the development of the Kiln Lakes housing development. The money is index linked but is time limited which expires in 2020 so needs to be spent by that date.

Following discussion between Ged and Bryan Roebuck it may be possible to put a proposal forward to CPC for the replacement of the D.C.  A survey would need to be undertaken of the D.C in order to report back to CPC.

It is agreed that Mike, Stephen and Bryan will form a sub-committee to look into this matter and report back.

UPDATE: M, S & B have now had a meeting . They are currently looking into the last planning application in 1986 and hope to obtain a copy with a view to seeing what can be done to replace it.  They are mapping out some structures on paper. Bryan is speaking with other organizations to see what other funding is available. 

Agreed by committee that up to £5,000 will be set aside as “working capital” for the purpose of carrying out surveys and drawing up of plans as and when needed

In the meantime David will make further contact with the Mill Lane Developer to see what their intentions are with the ground they are setting aside for allotment use.

UPDATE: David to contact other developers in the village to see if they have any funding set aside for community use

The grant of £500 received from Chinnor Open Gardens for improvement work to the D.C has to be spent. In view of the above Stephen will speak with Chinnor Open Gardens committee to seek clarification if this can be set aside to go towards possible D.C replacement.

UPDATE:  Ged to send a letter of explanation to COG advising what the money will now be used for.










Mike, Stephen & Brian











 Other Items :  

Committee to look into arranging a carvery at the Bradmoor Farm on the 2nd or 9th December and inviting Tony Seymour who is giving up his plot after many years. UPDATE: This will now be booked in the New Year

Monthly Chinnor Pump Article:  Ged will take on the monthly submission to the Pump going forward from Frans

David made a proposal of putting markers on committee members’ plots making it easy for other plot holders to identify members should they wish to approach a member to talk to when they are on site.

Pre-Christmas Gathering in the DC:  It is proposed to hold this at 12pm on Sunday  23rd December in the D.C upon shop closure. All plot holders are invited to attend to share some food and drink. A reminder will go in the December newsletter by Frans.

 Next meeting will be on Wednesday 19th December at 7pm in the D.C Apologies given by Frans





Next Meeting