Committee Meeting

Wednesday, August 19, 2020


Minutes of CAGA Meeting on 19th Aug 2020 via Zoom

Present : Ged Wells, Peter Greenway, Diane Troye, David Shaw, Pete Bowler, Mike Ibbet, Brian Roebuck, Rod Lavers

 Apologies:, Stephen Colley, Frans Lytzen



Minutes of the last meeting were approved. 



Money in the bank stands at £11,579.  There is an invoice awaited from Gro-Well in respect of a back order.

Electric power supply has been reviewed by Pete G and by moving supplier to Octopus for the coming year should save round £150p.a. Switch agreed by committee which Pete will now organise.



Pete G


The shop has been operating during lockdown for those plot holders who have placed online orders and collected them at agreed times via Pete G and Peter B on either on a Wednesday or Saturday.  Orders have recently slowed.  Regular Sunday opening is still not possible.  

The toilets are to remain closed for the time being as it is not possible to comply with social distancing and hygiene rules.

The meat draw has been reviewed by the committee and the decision made not to recommence it at this time. Once the shop reopens as normal it is hoped to restart the draw then.


Shop Rota

The Sunday shop remains closed at this time due to Covid-19 rules.


Distribution Centre and its’ future

No change to last month’s up date. Mike has had no response from CPC despite assurances that they would.

Until ownership of land and a lease contract is sorted then nothing can be progressed on the matter of the hut.




No report given in absence of Frans

Frans is to formally step down from the Plot Letting position in September.

Rod has expressed an interest in taking on the role working alongside Brian.  A hand over meeting needs to take place with Frans. This needs to be arranged as soon as possible.

The Scout plot located near the Scout hut is still not being cultivated by the Scouts. Contact to be made to enquire if they still want to use it. 




Brian, Frans & Rod

Annual Plot Judging

Outcome of the survey showed the majority of plot holders were not interested in having their plot judged this year. Therefore no competition will run this year.

With regard to future years a tick box in the annual rent letter will be inserted for plot holders to complete indicating if they wish to enter their plot. A decision will then be made by the committee based on interest shown.


Working Party

The following dates have been set aside for this: 5th & 6th September

All plot holders are invited to assist and would ask those willing to volunteer some time and effort please turn up at the D.C hut at 9am on Saturday 5th September.  Posters will be put up around the allotment reminding plot holders of this event.

Volunteers will need to bring along their own tools suitable for cutting hedges and branches, eg. Hedge cutters, loppers, secatuers, pruning saws and stimmers and of course protective gloves.




Main Gates

Complaints are still being received regarding the main gates being left open when there is no one to be seen on site. All plot holders are advised to close the gates upon leaving if they are the last person on the site irrespective if there is a car / bike there or not and whatever the time of day.  All plot holders must have the gate keys with them when attending their allotment. A gate key can be purchased from the shop costing £4.  Please contact Pete Greenway via email: to arrange purchase and collection.

All Plot Holders

AGM  & Committee Set Up

Due to Covid-19 this year’s AGM will not take place.  A letter will be drawn up by Mike to be emailed to all plot holders advising them of the situation and incorporating next year’s rent letter. Letter to be submitted in draft form for committee approval in the first instance.

For personal reasons Ged has made the difficult decision to retire from the committee and to step down from his role as Chairman with effect from the end of September, following 5 years in the position. He will also be giving up his plot but will remain an Associate Member in order to keep in touch with all the friends he has made.  His last Committee meeting will therefore be on the 16th September.

The committee would like to express their thanks for all the hard work and dedication Ged has put into the job and he will be greatly missed by all. The committee wish Ged and his wife Diane all the very best and a long and happy time together.

Until a formal AGM can be held a temporary Chairman will need to be appointed and therefore anyone wishing to step into this role in the short term is invited to contact any committee member to put their name forward.



A temporary running repair has been made to the existing wooden bench near the D.C hut so is safe for the time being. Decision has been made to purchase a replacement in the Spring of 2021 which will be made of recycled plastic making it very durable for the future.


Next meeting will be on Wednesday16th September 2020 at 7pm via Zoom Digital Conferencing.