for Chinnor Allotment Holders
Version 1.0   21 Nov 2016  

Chinnor Allotment and Garden Association


The allotment site is managed on behalf of the Parish of Chinnor and the committee that manages the site is responsible to the Parish Council.

1. The tenancy is to be yearly from October 1st subject to either party giving notice terminating on September 30th.

2. Allotment Rents and membership subscriptions are due on October 1st and are payable to the committee Treasurer. A reminder will be sent for the rent due. Outstanding rents not paid by December 31st will entitle the committee to vote and cancel the allotment holder’s membership. The holder will then have one month’s grace to remove any of their possessions and produce after which the committee will make disposal of any unclaimed possessions as they deem fit .

3. Plots are to be cultivated, kept free from weeds for the purpose of growing vegetables, soft fruit and flowers. In the event of a tenant failing to cultivate their plot in a proper way and, on being given one month’s notice having been given to put it in order the allotment is still in an unkempt or unsatisfactory condition the tenant shall be ejected forthwith without compensation for the loss of any rent or crops. The tenant shall not plant and trees, shrubs or others so as to be injurious to any adjacent allotment. A tenant may before the expiration of their tenancy, remove any fruit bushes or plants which they have planted or formally acquired and for which they have no claim for compensation. Any tenant receiving three or more such notices during a membership term may have their renewal for membership refused. Such decision to be made by the committee at a general meeting.

4. The committee reserve the right to eject summarily and without compensation any tenant guilty of theft or any other misdemeanour on the allotments.

5. No tenant shall be allowed to rent or sub-let their allotment.

6. No tenant without the authority of the plot owner shall be allowed to trespass on any other allotment for any purpose. If any damage is done, or trespass is committed or there is a disagreement between two tenants, the matter in dispute shall be steered by the committee and two arbitrators named by the respective tenants.

7. Applications to fill vacant plots must be made to the Plot Letting Secretary of the committee.

8. The tenants shall keep the paths and common areas around their allotments in good condition and repair and any hedges should be properly trimmed.

9. Barbed wire must not be used on or around allotments.

10. Dogs are not allowed.

11. Any complaint by a tenant must be made in writing to the secretary of the committee.

12. No sprinklers or unattended hoses are allowed to be used.

13. Compost and rubbish shall be kept at least one metre from the boundary of any private house and not left on the path or roadway.

14. No bonfires are allowed on Sundays. Consideration and discretion should be used when lighting bonfires especially at weekends and in the summer. Bonfires should not be left unattended.

15. Flat chests or other constructions for the storage of tools on individual plots should not exceed more than 4ft in height unless prior permission has been given in writing by the committee.

16. All tenants must be residents of the Parish of Chinnor unless approved by the committee.

17. Access to and exit from the allotments must be by the gates provided. The gates are to be closed and locked upon the last tenant leaving site.

18. Each Tenant shall be issued with keys subject to a deposit for said key. Further requirements shall be purchased by the Tenant.

19. To prevent damage to the central roadway no vehicles are allowed on this area during the Winter months or when signs prohibit entry.

20. The committee reserves the right to give one month’s notice to any tenant for any infringement of any of the rules, also to amend or add to any of the rules as it deems necessary.

21. Any member, or any person being a guest of that member found removing produce or other items from another member's plot without the consent of the plot tenant, or from a vacant plot without the consent of the Secretary or Site Manager, may have their tenancy terminated immediately and may also face prosecution. The Members are to be held responsible for such guests’ behaviour and health and safety. Minors (under 18) must be supervised.

22. Any notice required to be given by the Association to the tenant may be signed on behalf of the Association by the Secretary of the Association for the time being and may be served on the tenant either personally or by leaving it at his last known place of abode or by ordinary post or by registered post or be letter sent by the recorded delivery service addressed to him there or by fixing the same in some conspicuous manner on the allotment garden comprised herein. Any notice or application for consent required to be given by the tenant to the Association shall be sufficiently given if signed by the tenant and sent by letter or handed to the Secretary of the Association.