Committee Meeting

Wednesday, October 16, 2019


Minutes of CAGA Meeting on 16th October 2019

Present : Ged Wells, David Shaw,  Diane Troye, Frans Lytzen, Mike Ibbet, Pete Bowler, Stephen Colley, Rod Lavers, Brian Roebuck

 Apologies:  Peter Greenway



Minutes of the last meeting were approved. 



No report given due to post of Treasurer being currently vacant.

Total Assets as taken from the AGM showed a figure of £11,841

All invoices paid up to date



The position of shop manager is currently vacant and therefore should anyone wish to undertake this position please contact the Committee. In the meantime Pete Bowler will coordinate the running of the shop. 


Shop Rota

Sunday 20th Oct    –  Ged

Sunday 27th Oct  -  Pete

Sunday 3rd Nov  -  Stephen

Sunday 10th Nov  –  Mike

Sunday 17th Nov – Diane & David

Shop duty rota to be placed on the notice board.







Distribution Centre and its’ future

At the AGM several comments were made by those attending agreeing to the huts renewal as opposed to its repair.

Sue Ashdown from CPC has given Mike details of getting various grants and Mike will now investigate these going forward

Mike will also put together the 3 plans as discussed at the AGM along with costings to present at the next committee meeting in November when a vote can be taken.

Matter will to be reviewed at next meeting......






Annual rent receipts are now coming in thick and fast.

Frans is aware that there are two 9 pole plots coming free and will be dealing with the re-let of these in due course.

There are 16 people on the waiting list to date, with all plots now rented out.

Plots sizes will remain as Half or Full size plots in the coming year following agreement by the committee.

Frans will obtain new Associate Membership cards for the forthcoming year.  The fee will remain the same at £3 per annum

A further look in to providing weed suppressant membrane to new plot holders will be explored by Frans and David

Allotment flyers promoting the Allotments to new people need to be distributed to the new development sites around the village , the library and estate agents. Ged has agreed to action this. 








Frans & David


Pumpkin Hunt event

This has been set for Saturday 2nd November.  Maureen, Jackie and Veronica are organising the event.  Frans will liaise with them about running it.

The committee’s thanks go out to them.






 Other Items :  

The allotment centre road is now closed for the winter with immediate effect.

Frans will speak with the Scout Hut committee to see if they still have need of it and report back with update.

Brian Roebuck of plot 33F has agreed to join the committee and take on the role of Plot Inspection Person. The committee hereby duly elect him and welcome him unanimously.

On going: Proposal made to consider putting a tow hitch on the tractor to enable the trailer (currently housed in the hut) to be better utilised for transporting heavy items around the site eg. Hedge trimmings and branches.

It is agreed to review the use of these items in 6 months time to assess whether they should be sold as there is little point in retaining equipment that is no longer used. 

 Next meeting will be on Wednesday 20th November 2019 at 7pm in the D.C


All Plot holders






Review on going