Committee Meeting

Wednesday, February 17, 2021


Minutes of CAGA Meeting on 17th Feb 2021 via Zoom

Present : Bryan Roebuck, Peter Greenway, Diane Troye, David Shaw, Mike Ibbet, Rod Lavers, Stephen Colley,  Pete Bowler




Minutes of the last meeting were approved. 



Money in the bank stands at £13,228

All invoices have been paid leaving forthcoming potato order outstanding.

Bryan has now passed the accounts to Alan Fane who will audit the accounts accordingly. Bryan to advise outcome once known.






The shop remains operational during lockdown. Plot holders who wish to purchase anything from the shop can do so by placing an online order and agreeing a time to collect the items via Pete G.  Please contact Pete Greenway via email: to arrange purchase and collection.

The seed potato order is due in next week which should also include the long awaited bird netting.

With regard to the seed potatoes Pete has ordered various varieties and will confirm what they are once the delivery has arrived. A full list will be published on the Website and will be sold on a first come first served basis

The committee would like once again to thank “Tich” aka Brian Collins  for cleaning and tidying up the DC.







Pete B

Shop Rota


The Sunday shop remains closed at this time due to Covid-19 rules.


Plots & Plot Letting

Rod has recently let 2 plots (1B & 83B)

There are currently 19 people on the plot waiting list, with one plot currently vacant.

Bryan & Rod are to take a further look at plot 8 to decide on what action to take.



Rod & Bryan

Working Party

No Change, Carried forward to next meeting


Main Gates

REMINDER: All plot holders are advised to close the gates upon leaving if they are the last person on the site irrespective if there is a car / bike there or not and whatever the time of day.  All plot holders must have the gate keys with them when attending their allotment. A gate key can be purchased from the shop costing £4.  Please contact Pete Greenway via email:  to arrange purchase and collection.

It is noted that people are “squeezing” around the side of the main gate rather than opening the gate with their key. This is opening up a gap which renders the allotment unsecure. Plot holders must use their gate keys. The gap will be fenced off / blocked off  as soon weather permits.

All Plot Holders

Centre Lane

REMINDER: The centre lane is now closed to all vehicles for the winter

All Plot Holders

Chinnor Pump

Due to Covid restrictions the Chinnor Pump is currently not in publication. This should hopefully resume once restrictions are lifted.

Stephen Colley

Allotment Communal Compost Heap Plot 30F


Effective from Sunday 20th December 2020 Plot 30F, the fire mound and compost heap is CLOSED to all Plot Holders.

Plot Holders must no longer dump anything on Plot 30F.  All plot holders must make their own arrangements for the removal of all weeds, plant vegetation, wood and rubbish by creating their own compost heap if they so wish and taking all rubbish to the local tip.  Anyone seen dumping items on Plot 30F will be held responsible and will be told to remove the rubbish accordingly.

Following discussions with Alan Brawn and Maureen Dyroff it has been agreed that they will clear the compost heap by end of April. The compost will be shared among their other charitable concerns.




All Plot Holders


Boundary Issue

There are 2 garage walls at the Scout Hut end of the allotment which have bowed and are now leaning on the boundary fence. One is the responsibility of Parkers Estate Agents who will address the problem as soon as possible the other is in private ownership and is aware of the situation.

The fence backing on to Willow Road has now been repaired and the fence near Duck Square has been reported to the owner by the Council.


CAGA Website etc...

Since the last meeting Mike has spoken to Frans Lytzen and it has been agreed that Mike will take on the responsibility of editing and updating the CAGA Website and Email account.  They are both due to meet again shortly via Zoom to finalise things and discuss the Newsletter arrangement.



CAGA Machinery Servicing

Pete G has confirmed that the discount offered by Briant’s does not include servicing only on purchases.

The allotment machinery is due their annual service including the tractor. Pete has approached Darryl Clarke of Chinnor Mowers and will meet up with him with a view to getting a quote for servicing all the equipment. As Darryl is mobile the servicing can be conveniently done at the allotment. Pete will also discuss the possibility of getting a discount for Plot Holders private equipment.



Pete G


Next meeting will be on Wednesday 17th March 2021 at 7pm via Zoom Digital Conferencing.