Committee Meeting

Wednesday, August 16, 2017


Minutes of CAGA Meeting on 16th August 2017


Present : GW, SH, RE, PB, NL, FL DS, DA, DT    Apologies : PC, MI




Minutes of the last meeting were approved.




Funds are healthy.  The electric bill has been paid and a bill for stock.  Nothing is outstanding.





No problems reported.




20 August – Donna

27 August – Mike

  3 September – Ged

10 September– Peter

17 September – David/Diane


Shop duty rota to be placed on the notice board.










3 reallocated since last meeting but otherwise little change.  Thanks to PB for strimming and spraying.  Mark Davey has given up 2 plots.  15B vacant for 2 years to be taken on by the people on 15F.  SH proposed that vacant plots are covered to stop weeds.  Suggested that we use membrane (SH to cost).  FL suggested using cardboard.  GW to ask Peter Greenway if he would be able to provide cardboard 


Duck Square fence gap – CPC have spoken to the resident who stated that he made the gap deliberately to inspect his property however he has agreed to put something in place.  CPC will fix if the resident fails to do so.













RE has written to thank Ali for his contribution.  Decided to make a donation of £25 to the church for use of their tables.




Frans reported more traffic on the Chinnor Allotments facebook page.  He has not had time to prepare a marketing plan. He also suggested new signs for the 3 gates to include website contact details.

 Our e mail address list can be used for issuing the AGM correspondence.  Suggested that we try to obtain more e mail addresses at the AGM.  About 20% of plotholders do not use e mail so their correspondence will need to be delivered by hand.






Correspondence from 2011 clearly states that CPC are responsible for maintenance of the gate.  Replacement materials have been sourced at Bryants for £200 maximum.  GW to advise CPC of their responsibilities and see if they will engage a contractor or if we need to obtain 3 quotes.







Eon want to check the electric meter on 29th Aug between 10am and noon.  GW to attend .  SH to give them Ged’s phone number,


Thanks to Peter Bowler for tidying up the area at the end of the carpark. 


FL asked if CAGA had ever considered applying for charitable status as this could give us free equipment, donations etc.  RE thought that an officially audited set of accounts would need to be submitted annually.  FL to check this  requirement.


Red lawnmower not worth repairing.  Decided on a budget of £200 to source a suitable replacement to throw the grass out the back of the machine and with a back roller.  NL to speak to Chinnor Cricket Club.


Information for the AGM will need to be prepared by 27th September for distribution.


Next meeting will be on 20th September.  Apologies in advance from FL.