Committee Meeting

Thursday, November 16, 2017


Minutes of CAGA Meeting on 16th November 2017

Present : Ged Wells, Pete Bowler, Neil Lambourne , David Shaw, Diane Troye, Stuart Harding, Steve Colley

 Apologies :  Jeanette Hyland , Frans Lytzen, Mike Ibbet

Guest: Alan Brawn



Minutes of the last meeting were approved. 




Funds are healthy at £11,229 currently being held in the bank. This will however reduce as several large outgoings are to be paid. Site rent is due for the year 17/18 amounting to£650.00. Potato order of £254. Insurance of £175 and a bill for seed.  This will leave approximately £10,179 net after payment.  Canes have yet to be ordered. 

Stuart raised the point that last years site rent was paid in March 2017 yet the Council has raised the bill for the current year in November 2017. Stuart to check with the Council if they require payment now or in March 2018.

 State of perimeter fence was raised as in parts it is now deteriorating and in need of repair / replacement. The fence is owned by Chinnor Parish Council (CPC).  Ged will raise this issue with CPC.








Ged has now spoken to Steve the shop manager who confirms he is happy to continue with the duties.  A complete stock take is now needed in readiness for the coming year.  Also if Steve is not going to attend committee meetings a report needs to be submitted prior to each meeting thereby providing a monthly update for all members.

 Jeanette, Pete B and Peter G have been working hard on sprucing up the Distribution Centre facilities. Unwanted items have been removed clearing the way for a good tidy up.  Curtains have been cleaned, windows washed, floors swept and shelving rearranged to smarten the DC up. A new seating area has been arranged opening up the shop area to best show off all items for sale.   A very big thank you goes to Pete, Peter and especially Jeanette for putting in the time and effort to make the DC a more welcoming place for all plot holders.







Shop Rota

19th November   – Ged

26th November   – Peter

3rd December   –  Mike

10th December  –  Diane & David

17th December - Stephen 

Shop duty rota to be placed on the notice board.









No report given as Frans was absent 

Ged mentioned that 2 plots are in very poor state and are un-lettable presently. It may be necessary to hire a bulldozer to clear them.

 Issued raised by Ged of problem with Associate Membership Information. To resolve the matter Ged, Stuart and Peter are to check the register and check who has paid.  From 2018 payment dates will be moved in line with plot rent collection being October in order to make Associate membership clearer.





Ged, Stuart & Pete


Plot 30F – Compost Heap - CLOSED

Alan Brawn attended meeting to provide up date:

Some Plot Holders are still dumping their rubbish on the plot. Alan is to put up a notice on the plot making it clear no dumping is permitted until further notice.

 Alan is looking to set a date for a volunteer working party to commence work on the plot.  It is hoped plot holders will come forward and give up a few hours of their own time to help sort out the compost heap.  Alan to look at offering an incentive to all those who attend to help.




Alan  Brawn


Alan Brawn


No report given as Frans the administrator was absent.

 Issue raised by Jeanette who has been using Facebook and would like to see comments expressed on Facebook published on the website or by email so everyone can see what is being going on. Frans to advise if this is possible.



Communal  Lawn Mower


A new roller mower has still yet to be purchased for use by all plot holders. 

Stewart and Neil are to look at purchasing a suitable machine and will approach Bryants Machinery to see what deals they currently have. A budget of £350.00 has been approved for the purchase of this.

 It is hoped this will be purchased early in 2018.



Neil & Stewart



Matter ongoing:

The issue of allowing plot holders to bring their dogs to their allotment is to be considered by the Committee and to this end an online survey is to be undertaken by Frans to assess if Plot Holders want to permit this. 



Volunteer Working Parties




Matter ongoing:

In order for the Allotment as a whole to operate as an effective unit, it is felt that a sense of “community” needs to be encouraged by ALL Plot Holders. Without this the site would soon take on a neglected state which ultimately could lead to the demise of a valuable village asset.  The Allotment Site needs to be maintained and kept in good order e.g., boundary fences, hedges, parking areas, buildings and the communal compost heap to mention just a few. 

 The Committee is therefore looking to all its’ members to come forward and volunteer to be part of a working party as and when such works are needed.  This would involve members giving up a few hours of their time to benefit the whole allotment.  It is therefore agreed that a notice will be published on the CAGA website inviting Plot Holders to put their names forward for such events.  







 Frans & Ged


CAGA Newsletter


Matter ongoing:

Frans is looking to produce an online monthly newsletter publishing the latest news and events about the Allotment. Ideas for insertion are welcome from all Plot Holders.  

Frans will also be speaking to Pauline regarding the monthly article in the “Chinnor Pump” on ways of better marketing and publicising the Association.













Other Items On Going:  

Allotment Christmas Lunch – Confirmed date 17th December 2017 at 1pm at the Wheatsheaf.  Neil has reserved seating which is limited so booking is a must.  All booking s must be received by Saturday 2nd December. Cost is £20.00 per person and must be paid in full at time of booking.  Neil has produced some posters to distribute around the allotment site.

 Christmas shop opening date followed by drinks and nibbles at the DC has yet to be finalised and notices will be posted at the DC once known.

 Next meeting will be on THURSDAY 21st December 2017 at 7.30pm