AGM 2019

Annual General Meeting 2019

AGM 2019

Annual General Meeting

8.00 PM Wednesday 9th October, 2019

The Chiltern Room

Chinnor Village Centre, High Street, Chinnor


The Association will be holding its Annual General Meeting as above and you are cordially invited. This is your opportunity to have your say, both complimentary and critical and to discuss how you would like to see the Association develop over the coming years. So please make every effort to attend.



  • 2018 AGM minutes & matters arising
  • Chairman’s Report
  • Treasurer’s Report
  • Plot Letting Report
  • Plot Rents Report & future policy
  • CAGA Social Activities – Family BBQ
  • Election of Association Officers (Chairman/Treasurer/Secretary)
  • Election of Committee members


Minutes of C.A.G.A. Annual General Meeting on 9th October 2019

Present: Ged Wells (Chairman); Stuart Harding (Treasurer); Diane Troye (Secretary)

The minutes of last year’s AGM were agreed as a true and correct record, proposed by Frans and seconded by Stuart.  There were no matters arising.  The Chairman welcomed Susan Ashdown a representative from Chinnor Parish Council to the AGM.

Attendance: 24 members approximately

Chairman’s Report:

Allotment Centre Road:

This is to be closed at the end of October or sooner if weather turns bad.  All plot holders are reminded not to park along the road, it is to be used only for dropping off.

Plot 30 – Compost Heap

Some plot holders are still placing inappropriate items on the heap and on the bonfire.  Please do not abuse this facility it only makes for more work and expense for the committee to sort out.

The Committee’s thanks go out to Allan Braun who took on the job of monitoring it and maintaining it, thanks to him the heap is now better organised.

Plot holders are reminded to comply with the rules of use and to take note of any notices placed on the heap.

Allotment Equipment

A range of equipment is available for plot holders to use. Plot holders are reminded that care should be exercised when using equipment supplied by CAGA, especially the large rotavator. Any damage upon return will need to be paid for by the user. All that is asked is the item be returned in a clean condition and a donation be made towards up keep and petrol.

Currently one of the lawn mowers is broken.

Working Parties:

Volunteer working parties are essential in maintaining the Allotment as a whole.  Getting plot holders to volunteer has proved difficult with only a small band of usual plot holders coming forward. These have been run on a Saturday morning.

The working parties have been responsible for clearing rubbish from abandoned plots and a big thank you goes out to all those who gave up their time to do this. Plot holders are reminded of their responsibility to remove any rubbish from their plots and take to the tip.

To date the Committee has spent £1,000 in getting 3 plots back into use after they were left in very poor condition.

Annual Plot Judging:

This year’s judging went well.  Next year it is proposed that plot holders wishing to partake in the competition should do so by an opt in method.  Plot holders will be notified via email of this procedure nearer the time.


Annual Summer BBQ:

This took place on the 10th August and was successfully held in the D.C instead of the usual marquee following a storm warning from the Met Office.

New Boundary Fence:

A partial replacement of the boundary fence has taken place this year running along Cherry Tree Lane side of the allotment.  This was funded by Chinnor Parish Council for which the Committee express their thanks.

In order to keep the fence in good condition both the Council and the Committee would advise all plot holders to maintain the 1 meter clearance path between the end of the plots and the fence.  Any plot holders not abiding by this rule will be contacted and action taken to remove any items blocking the clearance path.

Questions From The Floor:

Q: A suggestion from the floor was made to run the volunteer working parties during the week instead of weekends as retired people have more time to volunteer during the week.

A: This will be considered by the committee going forward.

Treasurer’s Report:

Report given by Stuart Harding

Shop Income is down on 2018 at £4452.00.

Rent from Plot holders has seen an increase to £2,752.00 following Oct 2018 plot rent increase

Electricity and heating has seen a small increase due to utility price rises to £332

Total expenditure has increased to £5,837.00 up from £3909.00 in 2018

Total assets are good at £11,841.00

A new line entry in the accounts has been added called Allotment Up Keep which saw £1,244.00 being spent this year.

Stuart Harding has chosen to resign as treasurer and committee member wef October 2019. The chairman expressed a big thank you for all Stuart has done over his years of service which was seconded by Mike Ibbot.

Questions From The Floor:

None made

Shop Manager Report:

Due to absence of Shop Manager no report was given

Plot Letting Secretary Report & Website / Online Status Update:

Report given by Frans Lytzen.

Frans was pleased to report that there are currently no vacant plots and during the year 18/19 has let over 20 plots.  There are now over 16 people on the waiting list.

This is Frans’s second full year of taking on the role of Plot Letter.

Going forward there will be stronger enforcement of the rules towards those plot holders who allow their plots to fall in to a poor condition.

Plot inspections will be carried out by Brian Roebuck and reported to the committee accordingly.

It has been found that some new plot holders have struggled to get their plots into good working order due to lack of experience. For this reason Frans would like to run a Plot Mentoring Scheme where more experienced plot holders can pass on their knowledge. Anyone willing to become a mentor should contact Frans.

Frans will look again at the Plot Letting rules and will be requesting feedback where appropriate. New plot holders are now only being offered half size plots until they are experienced and eager enough to take on a full size plot.

Frans has been marketing the plots in his monthly newsletters, emails and on the website.  It is therefore important that all email addresses are kept up to date so all plot holders need to inform Frans if their email address changes.

The website is now up and running and fully functional. It is the main means of marketing the Allotments with lots of information on there and attracting new plot holders.  The Allotments are also on Google Maps.

Communication is best done by Email and Facebook.  There is now a forum on Facebook for people to talk about their plot.  It should be noted that Facebook should not be used as a means of running the allotment. It is there for people to share and add notes and tips about their produce growing experiences.

Emails will come directly from the Committee as opposed from an individual so all plot holders are asked to check their spam folders to make sure they are getting them.

Chinnor Pump is also used as a means of promoting the allotments.


The Future of the D.C Update:

The following report was given by Mike Ibbot

CAGA Distribution Centre Work Undertaken in 2019

  1. Building Condition report was undertaken by Buchanan Surveys, a Chartered Building Surveyor; cost £500.
  2. Refurbishment & Demolition Asbestos Report carried out by Smiths, a highly accredited Gloucester firm specialising in construction & waste management. Its aim was to locate, inspect & determine the extent, type & condition of any asbestos present in the DC together with any associated recording & sampling in accordance with HSG 227/264; cost £479
  3. Asbestos Fibre Identification survey undertaken by EnviroChem, an analytical laboratory in Fareham to evaluate the presence of airborne asbestos particles prior to or post the refurbishment survey; cost £384
  4. Total financial Outlay : £1363


Building Condition Report - Findings

  • Roof heavily blistered and the felt covering needs to be replaced in the near future. Initial ballpark quote circa £5000
  • Some exposed asbestos roof panels would need attention, possibly glued-on trim covers
  • Gutters & downpipes need attention to extend life by say 5 years
  • Outward movement evident on both end walls; for which there is unlikely to be any fool proof permanent remedial action due to the inherent design characteristics of the building itself. Good news is this movement does not appear to have been recent.
  • Concern expressed about electrical safety
  • Unhygienic kitchen/toilet facilities

If the building is to be retained the following is recommended:

  1. A new felt roof covering;
  2. New rainwater goods;
  3. Replace door frame on right elevation.
  4. The end walls provided with remedial strap restraints, as a short -term repair;
  5. Full electrical test and upgrading as required.



Even with this work undertaken, the building is still a dated and ‘tired’ structure, far exceeding its shelf life, but most importantly it is of asbestos cement panelled construction. 


The committee took the decision to explore the costs and associated requirements of a rebuild of the DC; this in turn prompted the need for an asbestos survey as part of the project (to replace the DC).

Asbestos Refurbishment Survey Findings


  • 14 identified areas of asbestos containing material: 12 in the DC and 2 in the garage
  • Analysis showed these to be chrysotile or white asbestos used in the main as asbestos cement
  • The asbestos containing materials were considered to be in good condition.
  • All asbestos containing materials were classified as Very Low Risk (on a 4 point scale of: High Risk, Medium Risk, Low Risk and Very low risk)
  • They relate to the soffit boards, walls & ceilings in the Shop, Storeroom, Kitchen and WC area



  • Recommendation was to repair or remove the 14 offending materials
  • A management policy & plan needs to be implemented to manage these materials
  • The materials need to be labelled
  • Materials need to be re-inspected at 24 monthly intervals

Asbestos Fibre Identification Survey Findings


  • Chemical samples were taken by Smiths while conducting the asbestos survey and submitted to EnviroChem.
  • EnviroChem identified 7 areas within the DC which contained asbestos
  • With the exception of the Ladies WC toilet cistern which was Amosite (known as Brown Asbestos), the remaining 6 were confirmed as Chrysotile – white asbestos
  • Samples taken in the kitchen, storeroom area and shop showed no contamination by airborne particles following the asbestos survey.
  • This reassurance test established that there were less than 0.01 fibres per millilitre in the air, well inside the safe limit with no detrimental impact following the asbestos survey

Distribution Centre Rebuild project


The elements considered are:

  1. Temporary storage for existing stock and equipment
  2. Services and utilities isolation & capping
  3. Demolition of existing DC
  4. Build new DC unit


Temporary Storage: 

  • Basic assumption has been to hire a storage container, subject to access modifications.
  • Come in various sizes: 8x30, 8x20
  • 4 week minimum hire, thereafter assumed £50/week
  • Delivery/pick up additional charges
  • Unit Cost for 10 weeks: £1100


  • Currently quotes have been in the region of £10K - £33K, but are all subject to many provisos which can only to determined and finalised on commissioning, but an allocation in the order of £20K needs to be allocated.


There are a number of options:

  1. New steel frame building, supplied & erected only; 
  • Quotes have been in the range of £25K - £37K
  • Plus internal fit & finish is extra, not yet costed and to be carried out by other contractors. 


This option is not favoured as it requires project management by Committee and working with numerous independent contractors.


  • Preferred route is a full turn-key:  new build with full interior installation and fit.


    • The most comprehensive £85K
    • A more moderate option would cost £58K, this would be a modular construction with a 20 year warranty
    • A pre-owned 5-10 year old modular building could be £45K


Given the purpose to which it is used, the pre-owned seems at face value to be the most cost-effective route

The total project costs would therefore require a budget of some £67K excluding service/utility disconnection and re-connection.

Available funds stands are circa £21K, subject to approval from CPC

The decision remains to be made: renovate the existing DC using existing funds, or knock it down and build a new one, but this requires us to seek out some £46K of additional funding. 


Election of Officers:

In the absence of new nominees the existing Chairman is duly re-elected.  The position of Treasurer is vacant, it is hoped this will be filled by a committee member in due course.  The position of Secretary is also vacant but Diane Troye has agreed to continue on as a temporary measure with the assistance of Stephen Colley stepping in as and when necessary.

New members have come forward to join the Committee, Peter Greenway and Rod Lavers are duly elected. The committee welcomes them onboard and looks forward to meeting them at forthcoming meetings.

The current committee is made up of Ged Wells, Diane Troye, David Shaw, Peter Bowler, Mike Ibbot, Frans Lytzen and Stephen Colley. The position of Shop Manager is currently vacant.


Thanks are given to all those who helped out at the Summer BBQ and thanks to Ali for cooking the wonderful food once again.

The subject of Social Events was raised by the Chairman.  Previously various events such as trips out were organised by the Association but sadly no longer done due to no one able to take on the responsibility of organising events. 

It has also been previously raised from the floor to split the Annual BBQ day into 2 in order to allow for children to attend and be more involved.  This needs to be looked into as do ways of raising funds and improving the social atmosphere for all plot holders to benefit from. This would be best done by someone who has an interest and commitment in organising social events. If anyone would like to come forward and take on this role they would they gratefully welcomed.

Jackie Gunn came forward and offered to organise a Pumpkin Event. This was welcomed by the Chairman and details will be made known to all plot holders once organised.


Meeting was then drawn to a close and was followed by refreshments.