Committee Meeting

Thursday, February 15, 2018


Minutes of CAGA Meeting on 15th February 2018

Present : Ged Wells, Pete Bowler, David Shaw, Diane Troye, Stuart Harding, Steve Colley, Jeanette Hyland, Frans Lytzen, Mike Ibbet, Steve Bowker

 Apologies :  Neil Lambourne, Alan Brawn (guest)

Guest: Alan Brawn



Minutes of the last meeting were approved. 




Accounts:  November 17 - £11,299;   December 17 - £10,179;  January 18 £9,494

There has been a reduction in the net figure following payment of all outstanding bills with only one remaining bill expected to cover purchase of seeds.



The shop is now fully stocked in readiness of the forthcoming season and the expected spring sales.  All the potato orders have been collected and any surplus has been sold.

Thanks go to Steve for sorting out the shop purchases and the annual potato order in a timely fashion.





Shop Rota

Sunday 18th Feb – Diane & David

Sunday 25th Feb – Mike

Sunday 4th March – Frans

Sunday 11th March - Stephen

Shop duty rota to be placed on the notice board.













Plot 30F – Community Compost Heap (CCH)

Alan Brawn was unable to attend meeting but has drawn up some instructions on how the Community Compost Heap should be used. Mike is to look at the instructions and make any amendments if necessary and to liaise with Brian with a view to getting the instructions posted out to all plot holders and Associate members and put on the CCH site.

Ultimately the success of the CCH will be down to everyone complying with the rules of use so it is proposed to monitor its’ use over the coming months and if it is misused in any way then it will be closed.

On Saturday 20th January 2018 a volunteer working party carried out clearance work to the heap and has made improvements to the compost bin area.  The Committee wish to extend their thanks to the following volunteers: Alan Brawn (P77F&B), Stuart Harding (P48F), Pete Bowler (P62F), Stephen Colley (P15F&B), Jeanette Hyland (P35F), Pete Greenway (P40F), Mark Church (P3), Brian Collier (P53F), David Shaw (P68F) and Diane Troye (cook).

Refreshments and food was provided to all volunteers who gave up a few hours of their time for the benefit of all.

It is hoped that more plot holders will start to come forward and volunteer to take part in maintaining and improving the allotment site. As without this there is a serious risk of coming under scrutiny of the Council and ultimately losing what is a valuable community resource.


 Alan  Brawn & Mike


All Plot Holders


Alan Brawn




All Plot Holders



Report from Frans:

Facebook continues to have a number of visitors otherwise it has been a quiet period with not much else happening.

The majority of plot holders have provided their email addresses however there are approx 30 plot holders who have not done so. Going forward the Committee are intending to use this as a primary means of communicating with plot holders as well as the website, as it is more economical.  Should anyone wish to add their email address please contact Frans.

Frans is to talk to the “Chinnor Pump” with a view to getting published pertinent news and information out to all residents of Chinnor about the Allotment on a monthly and quarterly basis.

In addition “flyers” are to be printed providing joining information. The leaflet is being developed by Frans and Mike and will be produced as soon as possible and will be placed in local estate agents, bookshop, Community Pavilion and new development sales offices to encourage new residents to take up an interest.




All Plot Holders





Frans & Mike

Communal  Lawn Mower


Matter Ongoing:

A new roller lawn mower has still yet to be purchased for use by all plot holders. 

Stewart and Ged are to look at purchasing a suitable machine and will approach Bryant’s Machinery to see what deals they currently have. A budget of £350.00 has been approved for the purchase of this (as per minute in November’s meeting).

 It is hoped this will be purchased as soon as possible.



Ged & Stewart



Following an online survey seeking plot holders views on allowing dogs the results are as follows:

Yes – 48%,  No – 39%, Abstentions – 13%

As there was no clear majority the No Dogs policy is to remain and will be reviewed again in the future should there be a call for this.



Matter Ongoing:

Currently sheds are not permitted as per current agreement with the Council dated 2011.  Ged will raise the issue with the Council to see if the agreement can be amended and discuss what type of sheds would be permitted if so.



New Posts




Frans has proposed to create the following posts:

Community Officer – Someone who will look to promote the plots and Allotment in general.  Following brief discussion Jeanette Hyland put herself forward.

Working Party Officer – Someone to sort out what work needs to be undertaken on the Allotment and organise / raise a working party of volunteers to do the work. Idea put forward to appoint a specific day for example the 1st Weekend of every quarter designated for the purpose of this. Jeanette Hyland put herself forward and will look to ask Pete Greenway for additional assistance as he has skills to add that would benefit this post.

It is hoped by building on this it will generate a more social atmosphere and enable plot holders to get to know each other more.








CAGA Newsletter


Matter ongoing:

Frans is looking to produce an online monthly newsletter publishing the latest news and events about the Allotment. Ideas for insertion are welcome from all Plot Holders.  




The Distribution Centre Hut





Matter ongoing:

It has been highlighted that repairs are needed to the Hut which may involve structural repairs to the supporting external walls.  It is proposed to seek some advice regarding this matter and obtain quotes for the work needed. Ged, Pete and Jeanette will look in to this and report back once more details are known.  In the meantime proposals to update the toilet facilities has been put on hold as it may be more economical to get both structural work and internal work done together.

In the meantime Jeanette has obtained a quote for replacing the toilet facilities, coming in at approx £500 + VAT.

Pete also raised the issue of future roof replacement and estimates this would cost in the region of £5,000.

Ged raised the issue of servicing the cess pit and will make contact with others regarding the cost of doing this and whether it is necessary at this time.


Ged, Pete & Jeanette















 Other Items :  

Written request submitted by Pete Greenway of Plot 40F seeking permission to erect a plastic greenhouse. Permission is granted as proposal is within the current size limits.

Pete Bowler put forward a verbal request from Tich Collins seeking permission to erect 2 greenhouses as he has 2 plots. The committee requests that Tich put this in writing giving full details of what he is proposing.

Sunday Meat Raffle ;  The committee would like to reiterate that this draw is open to all plot holders and associate members and costs £1 per ticket. The 2 meat joints provided each Sunday are a valuable means of raising additional funds towards the running costs of the allotment shop etc. Tickets can be purchased on a Sunday when the shop is open and is drawn at 12pm.

Tractor Repair : The committee wishes to thank Will Drinkwater for getting the tractor going again and for making some running repairs to the DC door.

 Next meeting will be on THURSDAY 15th March 2018 at 7.30pm in the D.C







All plot Holders