Committee Meeting

Wednesday, July 17, 2019


Minutes of CAGA Meeting on 17th July 2019

Present : Ged Wells, David Shaw, Pete Bowler, Stephen Colley, Diane Troye, Stuart Harding, Frans Lytzen

 Apologies: Mike Ibbet



Minutes of the last meeting were approved. 



Accounts:  In the bank £10,293

All payments and invoices up to date



Steve Bowker is currently preparing an order which is large enough to avoid a delivery fee. The order may already have been submitted at time of meeting. Order includes Tomorite which is currently out of stock


Shop Rota

Sunday 21st  July  –  Mike

Sunday 28th July -  Stephen

Sunday 4th August  -  Diane & David

Sunday 11th August  –  Pete

Sunday  18th August - Ged

Shop duty rota to be placed on the notice board.







Boundary Fence

The new boundary fence work has now been completed by CPC and an excellent job has been done. Our thanks go to CPC.

 In places the fence has been moved by some 18inches due to rear garden boundaries and fences being in the way.

Plot holders are reminded NOT to put any items up against the new fence or tie anything to it and not to block the 1 meter path which must now be maintained by each plot holder as per the allotment rules.

Anyone not abiding by the rules will be contacted and advised accordingly.






Frans & Ged

Distribution Centre and its’ future

An additional professional asbestos survey is to be obtained.

A more in depth report will be given once this has been done.

Matter to be reviewed at next meeting


Mike & Stephen


There are 12 people on the waiting list to date.

2 plot holders have been given notice to quit by Frans and others have had reminders to tidy their plots. If this is not done then NTO’s will be served on them.

A leaflet drop will be considered again in order to maintain a high waiting list.

Setting up a plot mentoring scheme has been raised by Alan Brawn and Frans offering a guidance scheme to new plot holders who need help and advice on setting up a plot.

Frans to look at pricing up for heavy duty weed membrane for use on poor plots.









Volunteer Working Party

It is proposed to cut the driveway hedge on Sunday 18th August at 9am. Stuart Harding is happy to cut the hedge but volunteers are needed to move the waste to the compost heap for burning.  Any plot holders available on the day would be most welcome to help get the job done.


Toilet Re-Fit

It is proposed to get the toilets in the D.C re-fitted ASAP in light that any further works to the DC will be slow.


Annual Plot Judging

All is now set in motion and judging to take place week commencing 22nd July.


Annual BBQ

The date of this is now Saturday 10th August.  Invitations have now gone out to all plot holders.

Ali is doing the cooking and organising the event a long with Ged who is organising the sundries needed.


Ali & Ged

Farmyard Manure

Some plot holders have asked whether it is possible to arrange for some farmyard manure to be delivered to the allotments for plot holders to purchase by the barrow load. 

Diane will look into the cost of this and obtain quotes.

To be discussed at next meeting.







 Other Items :  

On going: Proposal made to consider putting a tow hitch on the tractor to enable the trailer (currently housed in the hut) to be better utilised for transporting heavy items around the site eg. Hedge trimmings and branches.

It is agreed to review the use of these items in 6 months time to assess whether they should be sold as there is little point in retaining equipment that is no longer used. 

 Next meeting will be on Wednesday 21st August 2019 at 7pm in the D.C




Review in Aug 2019