Committee Meeting

Wednesday, December 19, 2018


Minutes of CAGA Meeting on 19th December 2018

Present : Ged Wells, David Shaw, Stephen Colley, Mike Ibbet, Diane Troye, Frans Lytzen

Guest: Alan Brawn

 Apologies: Pete Bowler, Stuart Harding



Minutes of the last meeting were approved. 



Accounts:  In the bank approx £11,600. 



The shop will be closed on Sunday 30th December 2018 re-opening on Sunday 6th January 2019


Shop Rota

Sunday 23rd December – Frans

Sunday 30th December  -  CLOSED

Sunday 6th January   -  Diane & David

Sunday 13th January  –  Mike

Shop duty rota to be placed on the notice board.






Chinnor Open Gardens Scarecrow Competition


Alan Brawn attended meeting to discuss next year’s Chinnor Open Gardens Event in June 2019.

CAGA is happy to permit scarecrows to be erected on the allotment site either on individual plots and/or near the Scout Hut area to facilitate the new event. Competition is open to all plot holders and residents of Chinnor.

Alan will email CAGA with further details of requirements and will contact the Scout leader to check they are happy to allow scarecrows on their plot area.

A sponsorship scheme will be developed to help raise funds for the event.

Ged will look to advertise the event in the Chinnor Pump in Feb/March.








Boundary Fence

CPC will be visiting the site in January 2019 to assess what area of fence requires repair/replacement. A contractor will then be engaged to carry out the work.

Some rubbish may need to be removed from the boundary fence area as well as items plot holders have placed against the fence. Ged will advise what action is needed by plot holders once more is known.




Use of Church tables

The Church once again permitted the use of their chairs at the Annual BBQ for which our thanks are given. Ged has now made a donation of £25 to the Church funds.




Repair to the alarm will be completed in the next week.


Distribution Centre and its’ future

Mike & Stephen have been busy looking at various options.

At this time they have proposed 3 phases of development.

1.     Demolition & Health and Safety Phase: South Oxfordshire Council and the Dept of Health & Safety are accepting the original plans as true and accurate. 3 quotes for demolition are being looked at ranging from £3,000 up to £20,000. It is important that this is carefully considered due to risk of being sued should disposal not be carried out correctly.

2.     Interim Phase: Looking at various new build options from metal containers to wooden kit form buildings. Site access for large lorries is a real issue so choices are limited due to this problem. Also need to look at temporary storage options for existing shop goods etc..

3.     Rebuild phase: Looking at building types ranging from metal structures through to warehouse types. Also being considered are second hand pre-fabricated buildings through to wooden structures built off site and erected on site.

CAGA is about to commit to having a full survey of the existing building undertaken to assess its overall viability before any final decision is made. Cost of survey is approx £500 and will be carried out by a qualified surveyor in January and a report will be ready by end of January.











Mike & Stephen


Frans reports there are 5 half plots and 1 full plot currently available to rent with 8 people on the waiting list.  Frans will review the list once again with the aim of getting vacant plots rented out and check that all rents have been paid for current year.





 Other Items :  

Orchard Clearance : This has been carried out by John Higgerson and Rod Thorpe to whom our thanks are sent for the great job they have done. The pruning of some of the trees will also be carried out and any debris can be moved to the bonfire area in the New Year by a working party.

Compost Heap : Alan reports that it is in good shape with several small heaps present.  A new compost bay may be required in the new year to cope with the amount being composted by plot holders. This could be done by a volunteer working party. To be discussed at future meeting.

Pre-Christmas Gathering in the DC: This is to be held at 12pm on Sunday  23rd December in the D.C upon shop closure. All plot holders are invited to attend to share some food and drink. A reminder will go in the December newsletter by Frans.

 Next meeting will be on Wednesday 16th January 2019 at 7pm in the D.C