Committee Meeting

Thursday, March 15, 2018


Minutes of CAGA Meeting on 15th March 2018

Present : Ged Wells, Pete Bowler, David Shaw, Diane Troye, Stuart Harding, Steve Colley, Jeanette Hyland, Mike Ibbet, Steve Bowker

 Apologies :  Neil Lambourne, Frans Lytzen,



Minutes of the last meeting were approved. 



Accounts:  In the bank £9736



The shop is now fully stocked with a wide choice of seeds available.

A further supply of compost will be placed once existing stock has been depleted.


Shop Rota

Sunday 18th March -   Diane & David

Sunday 25th March  – Steve Bowker

Sunday 1st April  – Ged

Sunday 8th April – Stephen

Sunday 15th April - Mike

Shop duty rota to be placed on the notice board.







Compost Heap


A leaflet for mailing has now been completed but has yet to be distributed.  Frans and Mike are looking to get this done ASAP.

Mike is to look at laminating a sign to be placed next to the heap detailing its use.


Frans & Mike


No Report given as Frans was  absent

It has come to the Committee’s attention that some notices being posted on Facebook are inappropriate and could undermine the good intentions for which it was intended.  It is therefore proposed that Pete will speak to Frans to see if the inappropriate comments can be deleted and the account better administered; if this is not possible then it is recommended that the Facebook account be deleted.  Users will then be expected to post appropriate comments on the CAGA website thereafter which can be better administered.

REMINDER: The majority of plot holders have provided their email addresses however there are approx 30 plot holders who have not done so. Going forward the Committee are intending to use this as a primary means of communicating with plot holders as well as the website, as it is more economical.  Should anyone wish to add their email address please contact Frans.




Pete & Frans




Communal  Lawn Mower


Matter Ongoing:

A new roller lawn mower has still yet to be purchased for use by all plot holders. 

Stewart and Ged are to look at purchasing a suitable machine and will approach Bryant’s Machinery to see what deals they currently have. A budget of £350.00 has been approved for the purchase of this (as per minute in November’s meeting).

 It is hoped this will be purchased as soon as possible.




Ged & Stewart



All plot holders are reminded of the rules pertaining to the lighting of bonfires as follows:

“Consideration and discretion should be used when lighting bonfires especially at weekends, in windy conditions and in the summer. Bonfires should not be left unattended.”

All Plot Holders


Matter Ongoing:

Ged has spoken to the Parish Council who has no objections to Plot Holders having a shed but this would require a significant change to the rules.  As this is likely to be a topic of contention it is proposed that all committee members speak to as many plot holders on an ad hoc individual basis to garner their thoughts and opinions.  The matter will then be raised at the AGM in October where the subject will be discussed with Plot Holders in attendance. 

Plot Holders are encouraged to speak to committee members over the forth coming months with their opinions.






All Plot Holders

Working Parties




Orchard Pruning has been undertaken and the committee wishes to thank all those who attended.

Future jobs to be considered are boundary line shrub and weed clearance in the area of the orchard and clearance of unusable plots.

Jeanette is looking to produce a poster detailing future working party dates and work proposed.  It is hoped this can be distributed at the same time as the Compost leaflet.

Jeanette is looking to combine the Working Party days with a Tea & Cake event.  Details to follow.







CAGA Newsletter


Matter ongoing:

A newsletter was released on the 25th February via email. It is hoped everyone who has to date provided their email address should have received this.



The Distribution Centre Hut

Matter ongoing:

Work on the Hut will be undertaken shortly to strengthen the walls.

In the meantime Jeanette will obtain a further quote for replacing and updating the toilet facilities.










 Other Items :  

Chris Chandler whose house backs onto the allotments, attended the meeting to request permission to allow a contractor’s van and trailer be parked on the allotment drive whilst work to his rear garden is undertaken. This is owing to the fact that he has no means of external rear access from the front of his house and it would be easier to remove rubbish etc over the boundary fence.  Permission was given and the work will be done in the first 2 weeks of April. Chris will ensure that the road will not be blocked to plot holders needing access.

Pete Bowler raised an item that consideration be given to allocating appropriate plots for the use of disabled plot holders. This could only be done as and when plots suitable for such use become available and is seen therefore as a longer term project.

The allotment equipment needs to have an annual service, Ged to contact Lenny on Bledlow Ridge to see if he can do this ASAP.

 Next meeting will be on THURSDAY 19th April 2018 at 7.30pm in the D.C