Committee Meeting

Wednesday, March 16, 2016
  Present : GW, SH, RE, PC, SB, NL, DS
Apologies : PB, MI
Minutes  Minutes of the last meeting were approved.   
Finance Funds are healthy and all bills are paid. The fee payable to CPC is still due.  We have purchased a pressure jet washer and approx £1400 worth of stock for the shop.  
Shop  Compost and seeds have been re-ordered and are selling quickly.  SB to investigate a cheaper supplier of compost but it must be of the same quality. Sales over the coming weeks should increase and Easter weekend is expected to be busy if the weather is good.  PC to clear an area on which to display the surplus seed potatoes.



Shop Rota 20 March – Paul
27 March – Steve/Stuart
3 April – Ged
10 April – Donna
17 April - Paul
Plot Letting There is no change from last month with seven plots vacant and 1 on the waiting list.  
Greenhouses There have been no further applications for greenhouses. The glass has been removed from the one already erected to comply with regulations.  
Rotovator Use A list of guidelines has been prepared for those wishing to use it and how it must be maintained. RE to prepare a form which users must sign.  Machine must be returned with a full tank of fuel and be cleaned to a reasonable standard.  Users will also be asked to make a donation. Ruth
Tractor NL to investigate the cost of a mower deck to use with the tractor. Neil
Parish Council The Chairman has been in discussion with CPC re the boundary fence.  They will be sending a contractor who will liaise with GW and PC. Ged/Paul
Entry Road Estimates for repairing the entry road have been passed to CPC.  The Council has agreed in principle to pay for the cost of repairs – total estimated to be approx £19K - which will also include the car park.  The appointed contractor to visit the site to finalize plans assisted by GW and PC. The job is to be supervised by CAGA.  Suggested that we have either a speed ramp or speed sign  The committee expressed its sincere thanks to the Chairman for his hard work and efforts to obtain funds for the repairs. Ged/Paul
Church Re storage of their tables and chairs – they have not yet given us a closing date.  
BBQ Organized for 16th July. GW and RE to liaise with chefs regarding the menu.  A 24 hour alcohol license will be obtained.  Proposed that the bbq be free to plotholders.  Invitations will be issued to the plotholder + a partner and will require a response by a specified date, after which invitations will be extended to associate members. Numbers will be limited to around 80.  
Web Site No further news as yet. RE is preparing copy regarding the history of the association. SB to update list of items for sale in the shop.
Robert Davis has made a copy of the CAGA Newsletters produced between 1985 and 2011. These will be held in the unit for plotholders to peruse. A contribution will be made towards the cost of copying the newsletters.
Keys Discussed how many people have keys for the shop door, who no longer needs a set and who should return them. Steve
AOB Paul to supply free of charge feed for the fruit trees on the orchard plot.  Robert Davis to apply. An offer has been made by a plotholder to prune the trees as they have not been done for some years.   

The meeting was closed at 8.25pm.

Next meeting – 20th April. Apologies in advance from NL.