Committee Meeting

Thursday, April 19, 2018


Minutes of CAGA Meeting on 19th April 2018

Present : Ged Wells, Pete Bowler, David Shaw, Diane Troye, Stuart Harding, Steve Colley, Jeanette Hyland, Mike Ibbet, Neil Lambourne, Frans Lytzen,

 Apologies :  Steve Bowker



Minutes of the last meeting were approved. 



Accounts:  In the bank £10,128 and takes into account the new lawn mower



A further small order will be made shortly by way of a top up of depleted items such as potato fertilizer, bone meal and fish blood & bone.  It is also intended to try out the seeds offered by DT Brown as a further option.


Shop Rota

Sunday 22nd April -   Mike

Sunday 29th April  – Frans

Sunday 6th May  – Steve Colley

Sunday 13th May – Stuart

Shop duty rota to be placed on the notice board.

Other dates to note: Allotment Social Get Together Sunday 6th May everyone welcome

Working Party – Saturday 5th May at 9.30am – volunteers needed please






Compost Heap

It would appear that this is being abused.  The heap is currently closed.

Proposal made to permanently close it. The heap will be monitored for the next couple of months and a final decision made then


Pete & Ged


Frans confirmed that the committee have control over the Facebook page and can therefore remove / delete any inappropriate comments

There are 3 ways of communicating: website, Facebook and Email

Facebook is looked upon as more of a marketing tool to attract new plot holders and a way of members talking about gardening in general

Frans also confirmed that he will now be submitting articles in the Chinnor Pump as Pauline is no longer doing this.






Communal  Lawn Mower


A new Mountfield petrol lawn mower has been purchased for the use by all plot holders. 

Plot holders wishing to use it can approach any of the committee members to arrange access.  Users are reminded to return the mower in a clean condition and with the grass collection bag empty. A small voluntary payment is also welcome to go towards the cost of petrol.

Plot holders are reminded that as well as keeping their pathways mown those with allotments adjoining the main access lane should also mow the grass out to the centre of the lane. Those who have rear plots then they need to keep the 1m boundary area tidy and free from waste and to mow it.





Boundary Maintenance

A contractor is to be approached to provide a cost for doing boundary fence / hedge work and for clearing the orchard waste.


Unlettable plot rotavation work

In order to address the poor state of these plots and to get them back to a letting standard a contractor is to be approached to get a quote for carrying out the work using a tractor and appropriate mounted rotavator as the existing tractor does not meet safety standards and has yet to be serviced.

Diane & Ged

Summer BBQ and Plot Judging

 Enquiries are to be made for the judging of all plots to be done a little later this year following comments expressed by plot holders. It is intended that judging should therefore be done over the first 2 weeks of July with the annual summer BBQ to be held by the end of July.  Dates have yet to be confirmed.


Mike & Ged

Working Parties


The next date for a working party is Saturday 5th May at 9.30am.  All volunteers are welcome. 

It is hope to commence work on clearing rubbish and debris on an abandoned plot before it can be rented rotavated and let out again. (plot 13 & 16)


Tool Sharpening Event

Diane is to contact Terry Travis who runs a tool sharpening business to arrange for him to attend the allotment to offer this service to all plot holders in May.  Date of the event will be emailed to all plot holders and poster put up in the DC and on notice boards.


Allotment Centre Lane

The main access lane will be opened up wef 20th April for the summer. Pete will aim to cut the grass as soon as possible.



The Distribution Centre Hut

Matter ongoing:

Work has yet to be undertaken on the Hut to strengthen the walls.

In the meantime Jeanette is looking to paint the toilet doors and to get the toilet facilities updated in due course.








 Other Items :  

The allotment tractor still needs to be serviced.  Ged to contact suitable engineer to get this done ASAP.

David has volunteered to look into having an Allotment Poly-tunnel suitable for the use by all plot holders wishing to hire a propagation table for the growing of seeds and the over wintering / hardening off of plants. This is aimed at those plot holders who have no ability at home to grow from seed. 

 Next meeting will be on THURSDAY 17th May 2018 at 7.30pm in the D.C