What to do with all that green waste

We have a shared composting area on plot 30F. Feel free to put your green waste in the compost bin and use the compost that is produced.

In order for the composting to work properly, it is important that we all work together and look after it. Therefore, please follow these simple rules for everyone's benefit.

  • Green vegetation waste only.
  • Chop up brassica roots before leaving.
  • No non compostable materials (if they do not rot down on your plot they will not do so here).
  • Only stack materials within the open compound. When it is full do not leave outside (there is no CAGA tooth fairy).
  • Take all rubbish to the tip – this includes plastics, stones, earth and other junk.
  • Please do not leave any spare equipment such as tools, tubs and bins etc.
  • Limited burnable items can be placed on the fire site – burnable does not include anything on the exclusions above.

Your fellow plot holders have worked hard to keep this community resource open – please do not let them down.