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    per bag
Humax Compost 60 ltr £5.25
Ericacous Compost 50 ltr £5.40
Growell Planter Bag (large growbag)   £3.40


    Per bag Per 3kg (approx)
Lawn Sand 25kg £12.60 £1.80
Lawn Weed and Feed with Moss Killer 20kg £26.00 £4.20
Sulphate of Iron 25kg £20.60 £3.40
Garden Lime 20kg £5.00 £1.00

Fertiliser and additives

    Per bag Per 3kg
Compost activator 25kg £12.10 £1.80
Growmore 25kg £22.00 £3.00
Chicken Pellets 20kg £10.75 n/a
Fish, Blood and Bone 25kg £15.50 £2.10
Sulphate of Ammonia 25kg £18.00 £2.50
Sulphate of Potash 25kg £42.50 £5.50
Superphosphate     £3.15
Hoof and Horn     £3.00
Bonemeal     £1.80
Nitrochalk     £3.00

Netting and fleece

    Per metre
Lightweight Fleece   £0.25
Heavyweight Fleece   £0.40
Ground Cover 2m wide £1.60
Insect Netting, approx 2mm mesh 1.83m wide (6ft) £2.35
Butterfly Netting, approx 7mm mesh 2m wide Out of stock
Anti-bird netting 20mm mesh 4m wide Out of stock

Bamboo Canes

  Per pack of 10
8ft canes £5.00
5ft canes £2.50

Individual Items

Doff Ant Powder, 300g + 30% free 


Doff Slug Pellets, 1kg  £2.00
Doff Weedkiller Concentrate, 1 ltr, coverage - up to 400 sq.m.  £8.20
Tomorite, 1ltr + 30% extra free.  £3.70
Maxicrop Plant Growth Stimulant, 1 ltr  £6.80



  Price per packet Sow by
Beetroot, Bolthardy. £0.90 July
Beetroot, Pablo F1. £1.05 July
Beetroot, Cylindra. £0.90 July
Cabbage, January King £0.95 June
Cabbage, Greyhound. £0.95 July
Carrot, Autumn King. £1.00 July
Carrot, Flyaway F1. £1.75 July
Herb, Dill. £1.05 All year
Herb, Welsh Onion. £1.05 Early Sept
Herb, Parsley,Plain Leaved 2 £1.05 All year
Herb, Chives. £1.05 All year
Kale, Nero di Toscana. £1.05 June
Kale, Winterbor F1. £1.35 June
Salad Leaf, Rocket  £1.05 August
Lettuce, Saladin £0.90 June
Lettuce, Arctic King £1.00 Sept
Lettuce, Lollo Rossa. £0.95 July
Lettuce, Winter Density £1.25 Aug - Apr
Lettuce, Little Gem Cos £0.80 July
Lettuce, Analena. £1.20 July
Rocket, Wild. £0.95 Sept
Onion Spring, White Lisbon £0.90 June
Onion Spring, White Lisbon, Winter Hardy. £0.90 Aug - Oct
Radish, Cherry Belle. £0.95 Sept
Radish, White Icicle. £1.10 Sept
Radish, Red Meat. £1.50 Aug
Radish, Viola. £1.65 Sept
Turnip, Snowball. £0.80 June
Turnip, Milan Purple Top. £0.75 June
Dwarf French Bean, Annabel £1.30 June
Climbing French Bean, Cobra £1.45 June
Runner Bean, Enorma £1.65 June
Runner Bean, Prizewinner. £1.45 June
Runner Bean, White Lady. £1.40 June
Green Manure, Mustard £1.10 Sept