CAGA has a range of equipment available to its members to use on their allotments

Apart from the tractor, the equipment can be used by anyone on the understanding that they do so at their own risk of injury which is not covered by the association insurance. 

If you wish to use the equipment, please call at the shop on any Sunday between 10 and 12 to arrange a time.

Users are responsible for any damage and equipment must be cleaned on return. 


A donation to cover cost of fuel and usage will be appreciated.


A tractor with a range of attachments that can be used for heavy-duty rotavating etc.


Only to be used by qualified people

Big rotavator


Heavy duty rotavator that will turn even neglected soil. It is quite a large machine and it does require some physical strength to control.

Don't use when the soil is particularly wet as it will be too hard for both you and the machine. 


A petrol-powered strimmer to cut down grass and the like.

Hedge Strimmer

Petrol-powered hedge trimmer that can also be used to cut down particularly heavy grass and weeds on a neglected plot.