Committee Meeting

Wednesday, December 16, 2020


Minutes of CAGA Meeting on 16th Dec 2020 via Zoom

Present : Bryan Roebuck, Peter Greenway, Diane Troye, David Shaw, Mike Ibbet, Rod Lavers, Stephen Colley,

 Apologies: Pete Bowler, Frans Lytzen



Minutes of the last meeting were approved. 



Money in the bank stands at £13,841 with a seed bill awaiting payment in due course.

Bryan has been in contact with 2 auditors, both have agreed to audit the accounts for a nominal fee. Pete will gather the information required and pass onto the auditors accordingly. He will report back in due course.

The Committee agrees with Pete G’s proposal to make a donation of £25 to the tree planting project as detailed in the November edition of  “The Chinnor Pump”.  The scheme aims to plant trees in the village and is part of Maureen Dyroff’s 70th Birthday celebration. Maureen is also an allotment holder and we wish her a very happy birthday.



Pete G


Pete G



The shop remains operational during lockdown. Plot holders who wish to purchase anything from the shop can do so by placing an online order and agreeing a time to collect the items via Pete G.  Please contact Pete Greenway via email: to arrange purchase and collection.

No Shop report given due to absence of Pete B.


Shop Rota


The Sunday shop remains closed at this time due to Covid-19 rules.


Plots & Plot Letting

Rod & Bryan have undertaken a review of those plots considered to be in a neglected state and will be contacting the respective plot holders. Plots in poor condition are P8, P16B, 80F & 80B

It is noted that Tich has been instructed to rotovate plots 16F&B and 17B when weather permits.

There are currently 18 people on the plot waiting list, with P1B to be let shortly




Working Party

No Change, Carried forward:  1 meter boundary fence clearance work to be considered – rear of plots 50 – 56. To be discussed at next meeting.

The bramble bushes near the Scout Hut require clearance; Pete G & Tich have plans in place to do this in near future.


Main Gates

REMINDER: All plot holders are advised to close the gates upon leaving if they are the last person on the site irrespective if there is a car / bike there or not and whatever the time of day.  All plot holders must have the gate keys with them when attending their allotment. A gate key can be purchased from the shop costing £4.  Please contact Pete Greenway via email:  to arrange purchase and collection.

All Plot Holders

Centre Lane

REMINDER: The centre lane is now closed to all vehicles for the winter

All Plot Holders

Chinnor Pump

Stephen is now working on the next article for the January 2021 issue.  Anyone with ideas for submission is invited to contact Stephen to discuss.

Stephen Colley

Briants, Princes Risborough

 Bryan has arranged for the Allotment to have an account with Briants entitling all plot holders to a discount of between 20 & 30% depending on what item is being purchased.  Should any plot holder wish to purchase anything then please contact any committee member with their order and arrangement will be made to buy the items. The account is a “Pay As You Go” arrangement so payment must be made in full at time of purchase.

Bryan, Pete G and Mike are holding the discount cards.


Allotment Communal Compost Heap Plot 30F

Following discussions with Allan Brawn and Rod Thorpe and taking into account comments from others, the committee has unanimously voted to close both the fire mound and the compost heap.  It has not been an easy decision to make but in view of the degree of abuse, the heap and fire mound has become totally unmanageable.  Bryan will contact Allan & Rod to inform them of the decision. The committee wish to thank both Allen and Rod for all the hard work they have put in in trying to make it a success but sadly due to misuse it is no longer tenable.

Therefore with effect from Sunday 20th December 2020 Plot 30F, the fire mound and compost heap will be CLOSED to all Plot Holders.

Plot Holders must no longer dump anything on Plot 30F.  All plot holders must make their own arrangements for the removal of all weeds, plant vegetation, wood and rubbish by creating their own compost heap if they so wish and taking all rubbish to the local tip.  Anyone seen dumping items on Plot 30F will be held responsible and will be told to remove the rubbish accordingly.

The compost area will be clearly taped off indicating the heaps closure on Sunday at 10.30am with Rod, Bryan, Pete G and Mike being in attendance.

All Plot Holders will be contacted via email advising of the closure.

The committee will now look into the logistics and cost of clearing the plot in order to return it to a working plot.








All Plot Holders





Boundary Issue

There are 2 garage walls at the Scout Hut end of the allotment which have bowed and are now leaning on the boundary fence. Bryan has written to CPC notifying them of the problem and to find out who owns them.



Next meeting will be on Wednesday 20th January 2021 at 7pm via Zoom Digital Conferencing.