Committee Meeting

Wednesday, September 21, 2016


Minutes of CAGA Committee on 21st September 2016




Present : GW, SH, RE, PC, DS, NL, MI, PB







Minutes of the last meeting were approved.


Funds are healthy. We have recently purchased a trailer at a cost of £60 and there may be a small cost for a fixing so that it can be attached to the tractor.  Funds will increase when the rents have been paid in October.



















Shop Rota





Plot Letting






Dogs on site




Bonfires and Rubbish





























Xmas Lunch








































As the shop manager had not attended a meeting since May, PC reported on sales which are good for the time of year.  Sales of meat raffle tickets remain constant.  A stock take will be done this Sunday. 

If it becomes necessary in the future to make deliveries direct to the allotments, a 7.5 ton lorry should be able to negotiate the new drive but it may be simpler to use the other entrance which has easier access.

PC wants to have a clear out of items which are no longer used and which are taking up valuable floor space e.g. broken fridge/freezer, old bbq etc.


25 Sept – Peter

 2 Oct – Ged

 9 Oct  – Paul

16 Oct – Ged


There are currently four on the waiting list.  Suggested we publicise the spare plots in the Pump as 3 or 4 may also be giving up at the end of September. RE to advise Pauline Shurrock.  Some vacant plots still need work. 


GW has done a verbal survey which gave a 50/50 result.  Dog mess has recently been found on paths.  No decision was made.


There has been a verbal complaint about bonfires.  There is some rubbish on site waiting to be burned but plotholders have been adding to the pile instead of getting rid of the rubbish themselves. Bonfire to be held asap. This topic will be brought up at the AGM.

Thanks to Jeanette for having a clear up of rubbish left over from the BBQ.


It is hoped that this will be up and running by the AGM.  PC to prepare a list of items for sale in the shop.  GW to give information to Frans.  Site will also feature the allotment constitution and rules once the changes have been approved.


Noticed that two squirrels have recently died on site following ingestion of rat poison possibly put down by neighbouring residents.  Noted that any poison used on site must be in suitable containers. We have these available if necessary.  Item also due for discussion at the AGM.


It has been suggested that it would be helpful to have a passing place for vehicles in the main driveway to the site.  The chairman has looked at the possibility and reported that it would involve a lot of work to provide one.  In the interim decided to put up a sign stating that priority must be given to vehicles entering the site rather than expecting anyone to back out into busy Station Road.


Decided to hold a CAGA Xmas lunch at The Wheatsheaf on Sunday 11th December for those wishing to attend.  Numbers will be limited to 40 and the cost per person will be £20.  GW to prepare notices for the boards.  RE to prepare booking form with food options.  Menu :  salmon salad; turkey with all the trimmings or vegetarian option (to be advised); xmas pudding or cheeseboard at a £1 supplement.


Is at 8pm at The Chiltern Room (Village Centre) on Wednesday 12th October.  Invitations and copies of last year’s minutes have now been delivered.  RE to purchase wine and nibbles.  Nominations for officials to be with the Secretary by 28th September.  Rents will be taken at the meeting.



Next meeting – 19th October at 7.30pm in the DC.