Thinking about getting an allotment?

If you are thinking about getting your own allotment, please contact us or just come down to the allotments any Sunday morning between 10 and 12 [sorry, the allotment shop is closed due to Covid].


Allotments come in different sizes. A standard "9-pole" is approximately 150-200 square metres and is £30 per year. However, many people find that a full-size allotments is too much so we also offer many half-size plots which may be more manageable and is certainly easier to get started with.


The allotment year starts on 1 October each year. What this means is that when people give up their allotments, they will usually vacate it by the end of September and new tenants take it over from 1 October, which means you will have time to get the ground ready for the following spring - and get a few broad beans, onions and garlic in the ground for over wintering if you like.


There is a waiting list for plots. The sooner you get on the waiting list, the more likely you are to get an allotment next October first.