Committee Meeting

Thursday, May 16, 2019


Minutes of CAGA Meeting on 16th May 2019

Present : Ged Wells, David Shaw, Pete Bowler, Stephen Colley, Mike Ibbet, Diane Troye, Frans Lytzen

 Apologies: Stuart Harding



Minutes of the last meeting were approved. 



Accounts:  In the bank £10,113.29

Further shop order pending



Compost is running very low now, only a few bags left. A new order to be made by Steve & Pete to replenish stock along with some seeds

 Steve & Pete

Shop Rota

Sunday 19th May  –  Stephen

Sunday 26th May  -  Mike

Sunday 2nd June   -  Pete

Sunday 9th June  –  Frans

Sunday 16th June  -  David & Diane

Shop duty rota to be placed on the notice board.







Boundary Fence

It is now confirmed the boundary fence between plots 60 to 87 is to be replaced by CPC.

Chinnor Parish Council (CPC) have written to all residents whose gardens back on to the Allotment advising them what is happening.

Following further communication from CPC it is agreed both Ged & Mike will attend the next council meeting in order to seek further clarification, as it would appear CPC have waivered from the original agreement as to what work they will be doing.




Ged & Mike

Distribution Centre and its’ future

A professional asbestos survey is to be carried out as soon as possible and will approach BlueA to do this.

A more in depth report will be given once this has been done.


Mike & Stephen


Frans confirms that the all plots are now fully occupied.

It would appear 2 plots are not being cultivated despite having paid their rent. Frans will be contacting these plot holders accordingly.

There are 9 people on the waiting list currently.



Volunteer Working Party

A big thank you goes out to all those people who turned out to clear the boundary fence area prior to the Council contractors starting.


Scarecrow Competition June 2019

It is agreed the competition will be held on the first weekend in June ( 1st & 2nd June)

The scarecrows will be sited on the open ground near the Scout Hut.

Frans has put details of the competition in the Newsletter and on CAGA website.

It is also hoped to open the D.C on the afternoon of the Saturday and Sunday when the competition will be run. Opening times yet to be confirmed.

The grass will need to be cut near the Scout Hut. Pete advises it will need to be strimmed first and then mowed. This will be undertaken wk/c 27th May.







Pete & Diane

Annual Plot Judging

Annual judging can take up to 3 days of the judges time so in order not to waste the time of the Judge all those plot holders NOT wishing to participate in this event will be asked to opt out of the competition. To do this Frans will put details in the next Newsletter requesting opt out responses accordingly.

Mike will contact the Judge to attend, the wk/c 22/07/19 is provisionally booked for this to be undertaken.





Annual BBQ

In order to make this event more inclusive to all, it is agreed that a survey will be undertaken seeking plot holders opinions on allowing children to attend.  It should be noted that the allotment demographic is now changing and a lot of new plot holders are young families with children. Frans will undertake to carry out an electronic survey of all plot holders to see if they will allow children to attend.

The date of Saturday 3rd August has been set aside to hold the BBQ.

Both Oli and Ali will be contacted in due course by Mike to see if they are available to man the BBQ’s once again and produce the great food they do.

If any Plot Holder is interested in organising the event then please speak to Ged who is happy to advise on what is needed.







All Plot Holders




 Other Items :  

On going: Proposal made to consider putting a tow hitch on the tractor to enable the trailer (currently housed in the hut) to be better utilised for transporting heavy items around the site eg. Hedge trimmings and branches.

It is agreed to review the use of these items in 6 months time to assess whether they should be sold as there is little point in retaining equipment that is no longer used. 

Chinnor Flower & Vegetable Show:  It is agreed to look at setting up a tent at the show in order to better advertise the Allotments. Ged is to obtain an application form and submit.  It is hoped to organise a tombola at the event and show case items sold at the D.C.

 Next meeting will be on Wednesday 19th May 2019 at 7pm in the D.C




Review in Aug 2019