Committee Meeting

Wednesday, September 5, 2018


Minutes of CAGA Meeting on 5th September 2018

Present : Ged Wells, Pete Bowler, David Shaw, Steve Colley, Mike Ibbet, Frans Lytzen, Diane Troye

 Apologies :  Steve Bowker,  Stuart Harding


Shop Rota

Sunday 9th September  - Mike

Sunday 16th September - Stephen

Sunday 23rd September  – Frans

Sunday 30th September – Stephen





AGM Preparation Work

The AGM has been provisionally booked by Mike for Wednesday 10th October 2018 at 7.30pm for 8pm start.  To be held in the Chiltern Room at the Village Centre.

Mike has agreed to collate all the information and documents needed before the 15th September and then email all documents to Frans who will print them off and put together all the paperwork prior to distribution to all plot holders.

Documents to be produced: Invite letter, Potato Order, Agenda

Last year’s AGM minutes will not be printed off in order to save paper so plot holders will be encouraged to read them from the website.

Nomination forms will be put on the website and a few copies will be held in the D.C for people to complete.  These need to be received by the secretary before the evening of the AGM.

Potato order deadline will be 14/10/18. Pete and Steve to contact respective merchant to find out what variety of seed potatoes will be available and the price. However the correct price may not be known before the AGM.

Ged has agreed to act as Chairman for the evening and will provide a report accordingly.

Frans to do a plot letting report and a website report and will be present to read this out at the AGM.  Plus Frans will do a letter regarding the rent increase wef October 2018.

Election of officers will take place for positions of Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary and new members to the committee welcomed.

An update on Shed situation is to be raised. An advisory vote to be considered.

Discussion on the need for external contractors to do heavy duty site maintenance work. David will enquire of other Allotment Societies to find out what they charge and what services plot holders are provided.

A review of Associate Members will also take place, increasing annual payment to £3p.a wef 01/10/18.  Frans will produce credit card size cards to give Associate members and will record their email addresses. A paper register is no longer deemed necessary.

























 Other Items :  

 Next meeting will be notified to all members towards the end of September via email