Committee Meeting

Tuesday, June 20, 2017


Minutes of CAGA Meeting on 21st June 2017


Present : GW, SH, RE, PB, DA, DS, MI, NL    Apologies : PC, DS




RE apologized for the late issue of last meeting’s minutes on 17th May.  A copy was sent out earlier this evening.  The committee sent their best wishes to Donna who has recently been in hospital.




Funds are healthy and there are no outstanding bills.  We have bought £800 of stock including Growell & Humax.  There is a problem with the small lawn mower.  NL to look at it.






Awaiting stock of Slug Pellets as they delivered the order incorrectly.  Delivery system working well.





25 June – Ged

 2 July - Peter

 9 July – David & Diane

16 July – Ged


PB requested that a copy of the shop duty rota be placed on the notice board as a reminder.









Currently 7 vacant, all being in fairly poor condition. GW, PB and SH to walk the site and decide on what needs spraying.  Spraying best done when plots not strimmed too low. 


There has been a complaint about plot 73.  Letters/e mails have been sent out to offenders but those who have not responded will receive a letter of notice.  A notice to quit will be sent to 42F.  65F & B is very bad and will be sent a letter.


Currently 5 on the waiting list who will be offered plots even though ithey need work.

















Approx. 30 have committed and paid.  Ali has agreed to help but Olly is unable to attend on 8th July. Final figure will be provided after Sunday  25th June for RE to purchase alcohol. PC and PB to assist during the day.  Tent to be erected on 8th July at 9 am and tables will be obtained from the chapel.  Associate members to be invited. Diane has obtained  7 raffle prizes from businesses in the village.  NL to speak to The Wheatsheaf.


A new trophy has been purchased.  Further judging on 26th June.











Frans has now opened a facebook page on the CAGA website.  To join you have to be accepted by the webmaster (FL or MI).  Frans Lytzen has asked to join the committee so that he can promote the allotments and advise on  any IT matters as they arise.  This was approved by the committee.





A person who sharpens tools will attend the allotments on 25th June following a request by DA.  A notice to be put on the noticeboard as a reminder.






PB has asked if we should close off Duck Square as 2 children on bikes are coming onto the allotment through the gap in the fence.  CPC says the gap is the responsibility of the two houses not CAGA.


PB suggested rotovating the grassy patch at the end of the access road previously used for bonfires.  The ground could then be levelled and used for car parking.  NL to try it with the tractor this coming weekend.


NL commented that the gate has still been open late at night.  Seported that Robert Davis is responsible for locking it when everyone has left. 


A vote of thanks was given  to Ged and Stuart for trimming the hedge along the access road.  The rubbish will be burnt on 30F in due course.



Next meeting –  19th July 2017.  Apologies in advance from MI.