Committee Meeting

Wednesday, July 15, 2020


Minutes of CAGA Meeting on 15th July 2020 via Zoom

Present : Ged Wells, Peter Greenway, Diane Troye, David Shaw, Pete Bowler, Mike Ibbet, Frans Lytzen, Brian Roebuck

 Apologies: Rod Lavers, Stephen Colley



Minutes of the last meeting were approved. 



Money in the bank stands at £11,546.  There is an invoice awaited from Growell in respect of a back order.



The shop has been operating during lockdown for those plot holders who have placed online orders and collected them at agreed times via Pete G and Peter B on either on a Wednesday or Saturday.  Orders have recently slowed.  Regular Sunday opening is still not possible.  

There is a good stock of fertilizer and canes. There is a backorder from Growell still outstanding in respect of bird netting.

The toilets are to remain closed for the time being as it is not possible to comply with social distancing and hygiene rules.

The meat draw will be reviewed at the next meeting with a view to recommencing it.

 Pete B

Shop Rota

The Sunday shop remains closed at this time due to Covid-19 rules.


Distribution Centre and its’ future

Communicating with CPC currently is proving difficult. They are not responding to messages sent them.

The 106 Money is managed by CPC and was given to them by the developers / builders and was time committed. This needs to be clarified as time may now have lapsed. SODC will not grant any money or funding until the matter of the lease and ownership of the land is resolved.  Issue around land ownership is presently with CPC solicitors and still waiting to be actioned.  Mike will chase CPC once again.






There are currently 2 plot vacancies with 25 people on the waiting list.

All plot holders whose plots need improvement have been contacted of which some have given up

Frans is to formally step down from Plot Letting position in September.

The Scout plot located near the Scout hut is still not being cultivated by the Scouts so Frans will enquire if they still want to use it.  He will report back to next meeting.

Brian & Frans




Annual Plot Judging

A survey is to be carried out to assess if there is sufficient interest in running this event. Frans will contact all plot holders accordingly.

Mike & Frans

Allotment Equipment

The strimmer has now been repaired. Out thanks go to John Bird for doing this.

The strimmer and small lawn mower are now available for use. Thanks to Bill Ayres for sharpening the mower blade, a new blade will be needed in due course.

 A fixed charge of £2.50 is to be introduced for the use of the equipment which will cover the cost of maintenance and fuel.


Main Gates

Complaints are still being received regarding the main gates being left open when there is no one to be seen on site. All plot holders are advised to close the gates upon leaving if they are the last person on the site irrespective if there is a car / bike there or not and whatever the time of day.  All plot holders must have the gate keys with them when attending their allotment. A gate key can be purchased from the shop costing £4.

All Plot Holders


The Village Hall is not available for hire for the foreseeable future so in the absence of a venue it may be necessary to delay this year’s AGM. A final decision will be made at the next meeting.





 Other Items :  

Inappropriate dumping on the communal compost heap.

Plot holders are asked not to dump their plastic waste on the compost heap. If this broken laundry basket is yours please remove it.  The heap is for green waste only.

Items to be discussed at next meeting:

The wooden bench near the D.C is rotten and needs replacing.

Working party for cutting hedges, Nomination of a new President (if needed), AGM arrangements and Meat Draw.

 Next meeting will be on Wednesday19th August 2020 at 7pm via Zoom Digital Conferencing.