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Mail order only due to COVID-19

Due to COVID-19 the shop is closed. However, we do take orders online. 

See the full list of products in stock - then please email your order.

You can then collect your order at the shop either Wednesday 2-3pm or Saturday 2-3pm

You can pay by cheque or cash - exact change only.
Please put the cheque/money in the box when you collect your order. For safety, we are unable to give change.

Seed potatoes now available

The seed potatoes have now arrived and can be pre-ordered by placing an online order with Pete Greenway; see above for details.

Sold in quantities of 2 kgs., and with limited stocks available, the following varieties will be sold on a strictly first come basis, so please do not hesitate to order if you would like to take advantage:

  • Pentland Javelin £3.00
  • Cara £3.00
  • Desiree £3.00
  • Estima £3.00
  • Pink Fir Apple £4.50

About the shop

A sizeable delivery of shop items has just arrived, so if you need compost, fertilizer (including potato fertilizer) or seed, the Shop is now well stocked.

On sale includes a comprehensive selection of vegetable seeds; all the standard varieties of legumes ( peas & beans), brassicas (cabbage, broccoli & sprouts), root crops ( beetroot, carrots & leeks), lettuce, salad crops and herbs, cucurbits (cucumbers, courgettes, squash & pumpkins) as well as tomatoes, peppers & chillies, while not forgetting sweet corn, spinach and fennel.

If we don’t stock it, no worries, get a group together and we will get them in for you.

A complete selection of both organic and inorganic fertilisers are stocked: firm favourites like Fish, Blood & Bone and Potash but also more seasonal items like Autumn Weed & Feed and potato fertiliser; because we buy it in bulk but sell it in handy 3 kg. bags, you get the best of our economies of scale buying. Chicken pellets and tomato feed complement our extensive availability.

The Shop also sells a selection of general packaged items: some examples are slug pellets, weed killers & seaweed meal.
Compost and tomato grow bags as well as canes for runner beans, fleece, weed suppressant fabric and cabbage & bird netting add an extra dimension.

Either Full (plot holders)or Associate ( a £3 a year contribution) Members are eligible for buying products from the “Shop”.